Watch this fabulous video! “Follow Your Dreams” takes viewers on the “Tillie Ride,” a 254-mile bike journey undertaken by author Sue Stauffacher and friends.  To commemorate the publication of her book Tillie the Terrible Swede, Sue set out on her bike to meet more than 1,000 kids who’d never met a children’s book author.

Sue would like to thank the following talented team for making this video possible.  Alyson-Caillaud Jones and Suzanne Zack for capturing footage; Bob Hazen and Thom Bell for filming the interviews; Jordan Peasley and Michael Johnson for editing the film; Alice Olson Roepke and Terry Roepke for use of archival photographs; Bob Johnson, Sam Johnson and Roger Gilles for technical assistance; and Sara Schneider for social media.  Thank you all so much!