Recently I asked kids to write to me about a time when they were scared and how they overcame their fears.  It’s amazing what a boost to the soul this can be.  We all get frightened.  We all find ways to overcome our fear and move forward.  In my case, 50 miles a day for five days…to be exact.  In the event that you are facing a difficult situation, read on for some wise advice.  My words of encouragement are, ask for help when you need it.  I was so heartened by these letters.

At one school, Katrise, pictured below, stayed in from recess to make this card for me.   I cherish this card.

Here’s another wise letter (how do these kids get so wise?)  If you have any thoughts to add, don’t keep them to yourself.  Write me a letter. 1080 Knapp Street, NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505.