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Let’s talk about hair.  I am not a girly-girl, but I do like to look nice when I present in front of hundreds of people (what is it about me??).  And so, I asked my hairstylist to give me a haircut that could go from bike ride to presentation–no helmet head.  Here’s what it looked like from the back–very sleek!

But then after our practice ride to Holland, my hair looked like this!

Ick!  So I went back to my hairstylist to revise my haircut.  Has to be shorter, I said.  So she gave me this haircut.

Not too bad.  But after 30 miles…. Oh dear.  It looks worse!

I can’t really make it any shorter!  I mean, I don’t think bald is an improvement.  Sometimes, you have to revise your thinking.  But usually, revision is a wonderful thing.  Bikes, for example.  If we didn’t revise the bike, mine wouldn’t have 24 speeds!  I need all of them on a big hill.  And if we didn’t revise cars, we’d still be cranking them up to start.

By the way, we revised our route to Holland, Michigan, and cut off 9 miles.  So, don’t be afraid to revise.  It’s often a good idea to cut out the extra words (or the extra hair).  You can tell me what you think when you see me….