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Nothing magical that can happen unless you believe that it can.

I know that lots of people ride across lower Michigan in organized rides and lots of people ride from the bottom to the top of Michigan in organized rides.  The Tillie Ride is not that unique.  But it is unique for me.  I never saw myself doing long-distance anything (except maybe driving across country) and I have had so many doubt-filled moments of heart-stopping fear.  What have I gotten myself into?

There is, however, some little part of me that has believed all along that I can do it. And–even if I don’t make it every single mile–in a way I already have done it.  Why?  Because my dream has never been to ride 250 miles on my bike.  My dream is to convince you that you can do whatever you set out to do and to be able to show you the tools you need to accomplish that amazing something.  Somehow I believe that riding my bike to your school will help you. I  have no idea if I’m right about this, but I have this desire to press on.  And so I will.

See you soon–rain or shine.  Look for us!  Sue and Roger