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Once you have found something or some things you are curious about, it’s time to look deeper.  As I mentioned in lesson #2, I found some old issues of a magazine I could send away for in the mail.  I loved The Wheelmen ( Magazines when I got them.  I loved them so much, I cut them up.  Sometimes, in order to make sense of something, to understand it better, I have to cut it into pieces and put it back together.  That’s MY creative process.  You have to figure out what yours is.  Maybe, if you’re trying to learn a cross dribble and then modify it in a way that will totally confuse your opponent, you need to walk through the steps over and over.  Or, to make a new cake, you have to think about how the ingredients will taste together (and taste them in your mind).  So do whatever is comfortable for you.  Maybe it’s talking to other people.  Maybe it’s looking at books or youtube videos.  There is no right or wrong.  It’s just your thing.  My thing is to cut stuff up and paste it into notebooks. I  do this all the time.  Here’s another examples (there’s a picture of me when I’m way younger than you):

I like this one, too:

So, how do you like to investigate?  What’s your favorite way?  When you get it right, you can really make sense of things.