I have been unable to upload files to my blog…but my teen-aged son, Max, came over and saved the day.  He needed ftp info from Dad, so that’s what got Roger the nickname, Robin….

This is me at one of our final destinations in Chicago.  But it’s still March, not May.  And that’s a little cold for me… not for everyone, however.

After our last school, we will  head to the Sulzer Branch of the Chicago Public Library.  Here I am with Mary Frueh-Lardie and Karen Mariani-Mondala, who work at the library.  We’re all excited and wondering which school children will join us for the last leg of the journey.  And will they ride?  There’s a rumor that my darling niece, Amara, will join us to ride for a little while.

Here’s the library from the outside…

Then on to our final destination!

The kids there will be doing some wonderful bicycling activities and learning about Tillie until we roll in.

Here I am with Karin Abercrombie, the Executive Director of the museum.  We loved the museum!  A wonderful interactive play area for kids as well as a tour through the life of the typical Swedish immigrant.  the trunk below was labeled ‘Anderson’ and I imagined what it would be like if it were Tillie’s.

Plans are proceeding apace.  We have almost all our schools signed up…and even more importantly, I have stepped up my training!  Details to come soon.