So I want to ride into school in a period costume.  It’s pretty funny to think about, really.  What I’m wearing in this picture isn’t that far off…  But when Tillie dressed this way, it was considered scandalous.  You were never supposed to glimpse the outline of a woman’s leg! in the 1890s.  But Tillie cared more for racing than people’s opinions.  Since she was a seamstress in her own right, she made costumes like these.

But I am not a seamstress, so I had to find one–my friend, Melissa, of course, who designs costumes like this one for the Grand Rapids Ballet!  Too bad Tillie didn’t need any tentacles….

Like Tillie, Melissa has a lot of talents.  She can be a carpenter, a sound engineer, a sculptor, a seamstress and a painter.  Here she is at the Grand Rapids Art Museum with her piece from ArtPrize.

Here’s where the magic happens in the ballet costume shop.

Can you spot some costume pieces below from a famous ballet?

Right now, we’re just strategizing about things like fabrics–too hot? too cold? and the design (I want to make sure it’s easy to jump off my bike and go to the bathroom, for instance).  But soon, we’ll have some ideas to show you.  I feel so lucky Melissa is helping me!