Every good story needs a conflict. Here’s one for the story of the Tillie Ride. Right now, I’m supposed to be working out hard at the ‘Y,’ getting ready for our big distance bike trip in May from Grand Rapids to Chicago. This looks like a gym, right?

But wait, is that a … bed?

Yes, I’ve spent the last four weeks in the gym at Health Motion Physical Therapy working out on a “hand bike” instead of a spin cycle because I injured my shoulder.

I come here three times a week to work with my physical therapist, Laura. Every time I come, she tests my muscles to see what is still hurting. This is called muscle testing.

I am smiling through the pain.

Laura has done an amazing job. Lots of hands-on therapy that can really hurt, but I’ve seen such an improvement in my shoulder pain. I have to do my part, too. This includes mobility exercises and ‘postural re-setting’ exercises. I can’t resume my training until I’m cleared. In addition to that, it’s pretty cold and snowy in Michigan right now. The other part of the conflict here in the middle of the story is that I’m kind of blue about it all. I need to figure out a way to get motivated and back on track. I have an idea. I will keep you posted.