The day began happily enough.  We did a photo shoot for the Press downtown.  Our plan from there was to head to Holland on a 44 mile training practice ride to our first school, Pine Creek Elementary.  Very quickly, we encountered a detour….

But we thought, what the hey, we’re bicyclists, we’ll go up on the side of the road.

Ummmmm…..There was basically no way we could go this way.  In the end, we had a six mile detour and a forty minute delay.  As we began to go west, we hit a fifteen mile headwind.  This is where things got really ugly. I don’t have experience with these things.  I couldn’t really handle it.  I thought about Althea Gibson when she used to lose her cool on the tennis court.  Boy did I have a meltdown!  All the worst things you could imagine.  I swore (yes, it’s true), I stomped around.  What a baby!  I’m ashamed.  I am going to work on how to handle it when I feel like I’ve reached my limit.  I really really want to make this ride, but I’m wondering if I can.  You have my word, I’m going to do everything I can to ride my bike to your school!

So much for the haircut that could go from ride to presentation!